Water and reduction of caries

As you already saw, there are plenty of reasons why to drink water. Drinking water also helps us to improve oral health. Of course, it’s no substitute for regular brushing and flossing, but rinsing your mouth with water after you eat and drink it with meals and throughout the day can have a huge and positive impact on your oral health. (12)

There is evidence, that children in Europe still have problems with oral health. 20 to 90 percent of 6-year-old children have dental fillings and at the age of 12, an average of 0.5–3.5 permanent teeth are affected by caries, as a result of dental decay.

The consumption of sugary drinks can lead to dental decay and the resulting fillings. This can be avoided by encouraging the consumption of drinks without sugar.

The good news is that water keeps our mouth clean, it rinses off the remains of sweet drinks: sugar and acids, which both erode away enamel.  

There is another important task water does for us: it fights dry mouth. Saliva is our mouth’s first defense against tooth decay. It washes away leftover food, helps us swallow with ease and keeps your teeth strong by washing them with calcium, phosphate, and fluoride.

When saliva supply runs low, dry mouth may put us at risk for tooth decay. Drinking water can help cut the risk. (11)

Water also helps to fight against bad breath.“Morning breath” is caused by dry mouth, and drinking water throughout the day naturally helps with that. It also washes away food particles and tooth decay that can also contribute towards bad breath and it keeps bad breath from forming in the first place. (12)

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