Tips for teachers and parents: how to make children drink more water

Tips for teachers and parents:

When teaching (children or adults) new things, fun and creativity are always your biggest helpers. So, anything you do, make it FUNNY.

Fun ways to make children drink more water

As we can see, it is very important for children to drink enough water. We can help them to love water on fun ways: with the use of straws, ice, fruits inside, frozen fruits inside or herbs.

1. Watch video: 7 Ideas to Help Kids Drink More Water

2. Read this article about how to motivate chidren to drink more.

3. Read this cool article: 5 Fun Ways to Help Your Kids Drink More Water

4. One of the ways not to forget to drink enough are applications:

Rezultat iskanja slik za plant nanny Plant Nanny - Water Reminder

FourdesireHealth & FitnessEducation

For adults: Hydro Coach (free)

Not only will this app remind you to top up your daily water intake, but it also enables you to keep track of how much you’ve sipped already – and suggests how much you may need. Take a look at other free hydrational apps!

5. Make ice of different shapes and colours and prepare a rainbow party!  

You can use natural colours or froze natural juices, you will get colour and aroma. If you froze balloons, you will get ice balls. You can add fruits and flowers inside the ice. Read this colourfull article.

Take a look at this website, which has really great advices about how to make funny and clear ice:

And don´t forget - you can use fruit juices or fruits instead of water.

6. Use funny straws! Or even better - make them together with children.

Here are some ideas: Take a look at this photo or this link

7. Prepare a competition on drinking water through a school year: which class is the best water drinker? At the end of competition prepare a real water party, with pools, water balloons, water pistols and adjutage!

Teachers corner:

Check out this teaching ideas and materials about water and hydration which are based on 6 hats of thinking (Edward de Bono):

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