4 easy steps to a Waterschool

It´s easy to become a Waterschool. Just follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Decide that "We will become a Waterschool."

Teachers, head teachers, parents, students: Whoever wants to implement a healthier drinking culture in school should start talking to others.

  • Strike up a conversation with the school management, your colleagues, your parent teacher representatives about the topic. Prepare convincing arguments (for arguments, see Module 1)
  • Inform and motivate your colleagues (e.g. as part of a educational conference).
  • Decide to become a Waterschool and set the date of implementation.

Step 2: Preparatory work

In order to become a Waterschool, there are a few preliminary considerations.

  • Ensure availability of water in all classrooms.
  • If necessary, contact the water supplier or school carrier to ensure water quality.
  • Organize drinking facilities (bottles, glasses, cups) for the pupils/students.

Step 3: Implementation – Action Plan

Availability of water at school is not enough. Pupils just forget about drinking. To drink enough, they need to be actively reminded. Helping activities can be:

  • Launch drinking rituals in schools.
  • Use nudging strategies to remind pupils to drink water.
  • Inform and integrate parents.
  • Treat the topic during the lesson

Step 4: Quality assurance

Schools are undergoing constant change: new teachers, change of leadership, new projects that demand attention.

Every now and then, for example in the context of a conference, check whether healthy drinking behavior is still being practiced at your school.


  • Pupils/students drink tap water at school.
  • Pupils/students have a bottle/cup.
  • Pupils are reminded to drink water.
  • Water drinking is allowed during the lessons, drinking breaks are made.
  • Teachers drink water in class (role model).
  • Drinking water is encouraged during meals (e.g. by setting water jugs).
  • Waterschool is anchored (e.g. in the school profile, house rules or mission statement).
  • (New) parents are being informed about Waterschool.

For answers to some frequently asked questions, there is a useful section here.

You can find further ideas, educational material and good practice examples by going to the “Become a waterschool” section.

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