How to become a Waterschool!

Ample water consumption is absolutely necessary for maintaining optimal health and brain function. People usually meet their fluid needs by drinking when thirsty. But specially in schools, there is always a lot going on. That´s why pupils often forget to drink, even when they feel thirsty.

This is where the Erasmus+ Waterschool project comes in. Pupils/students should be encouraged to drink enough healthy tap water in their everyday life at school. Each of the sections below looks at a different aspect to learning about becoming a Waterschool. Within each section, you will find lots of ideas, tips, information and examples you will need to support your journey to becoming a Waterschool.

  • Why become a Waterschool?

    In this module we provide a range of arguments, facts, and figures, which can help you to convince teachers, parents, school...

  • Technical support for Waterschools

    This module provides more detailed information for those who have started their journey to become a Waterschool. Within each...

  • Easy steps to become a Waterschool

    This module introduces some easy steps to take to set up a Waterschool. Waterschools must ensure that pupils have easy access...

  • Water and health

    In this module teachers find a wide range of didactic materials to address drinking water and promoting health, developed...

  • Water and the environment

    This module provides various resources to support and increase knowledge on topics related to water protection and waste...

  • Questionario gradimento

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